Seminars on Banking and Products

In the module 'Banking & Products' we offer various seminars on typical banking products and services. The seminars are directed towards delegates who want to get an oversight of bank products and basic banking processes. The delegates will gain the knowledge of
basic and innovative bank products and basic concepts of bank management.

Basics of Bank Management
  • Role of banks in an economy,
  • basic goals of bank management,
  • Basic concepts of strategic and operative bank management.
  • Survey on traditional and innovative credit instruments,
  • Survey on liability instruments,
  • Basics of derivatives (market and credit derivatives),

Commercial banking

  • credit instruments
  • banking deposit instruments
  • asset allcoation  


  •   Corporate Finance
  •   Structural Finance
  •   Capital Markets
  •   Sales & Trading

Structured products

  • True Sale transactions
  • Synthetic transactions


  • Instruments of market risk transfer
    • Swaps
    • Forwards / Futures
    • Options
    • Structured Products
  • Instruments of credit risk transfer
    • Credit Default Swaps
    • Credit Spread Based Products
    • Total Returns Swaps
    • Structured Products

Asset Management

  • Investment processes
  • Theoriy of Portfolio Selection
  • Risk /Return Portfolio Optimization
  • Performance Management

Principal Investment

  • Basics of Private Equity Deals
  • investment philosopfy
  • Processes of Principal Investments