Seminars on Bank Management

Our seminars in the module 'bank management' cover a variety of actual topics of bank management, as integrated risk / return management, strategic business management and risk aggregation.

Strategic bank management

  • Objectives of bank managements
  • Basic concepts of bank management
  • Basics of strategic business unit and profit center management
  • strategy set up and implementation
  • strategic planning and operative implementation

Enterprise wide risk management

  • risk tolerance and capital adequacy
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) Implementation
  • integrated risk and return management
  • integrated risk measurement
  • optimization of risk-/return profile
  • risk-/return focused capital allocation

Integrated risk measurement and capital allocation

  • risk measures for integrated risk measurement
  • Value at risk and new shortfall risk measures
  • properties of risk measures and suitabilty for integrated risk measurement
  • new approaches of efficient capital allocation
  • implementation of limit systems
  • risk adjusted performance measurement and profit center management

Regulatory Requirements on Bank Management